Harness the Power of Storytelling with Our eLearning Solutions

Our platform empowers learners to connect with material on a deeper level, utilizing engaging narratives that captivate and inspire.  From interactive simulations to multimedia presentations, our eLearning solutions are designed to meet the needs of learners across a wide range of subjects, experiences and disciplines. The Pupil Company e-learning solution was created for companies of any size. Start transforming the way you learn today!

TPC Learning Solutions

Bringing Learning to Life Through Dynamic Stories

With our interactive eLearning, we take your training content and create engaging, computer-based courses that tailor to the individual student by the choices they make throughout their lessons.

For many eLearning courses, we use the power of Narrative to guide the learner into a story that effectively engages both their imagination, as well as their critical thinking. This enables the learner to enjoy the process of learning, investing in the story that covers the content your company needs them to know, understand, and be able to do.

Our eLearning courses ensures that the student is able to replicate the processes and procedures during their training, so that they leave their course with a working knowledge as they head back to their job.

Bring Training Innovation to Your Company

Unlock your full potential with our comprehensive training solutions.

From Start to Finish –

We Will Partner With You Along the Way

Aligning with you to understand your project, your goals, and the metrics by which you’ll measure success.
Our team of developers will ensure that the necessary information will be presented in the most digestible fashion possible to ensure learner retention.
More than just the information- we make sure the feel of your modules align with your company’s goals and elevates your branding.
Our final deliverable isn’t just a module; we also analyze the results of your modules and can make adjustments to maximize results.

Check out our work

Conversion of in-the-classroom Technical Training documentation into interactive Computer or Web-based training modules. Soft Skills and other Job-Related or Client-Member Related Interactive Training developed through narrative story-telling. These trainings provide branching-decisions performed by learner that continuously tailors the training to the individual by changing the direction of the story, and reframing the training content based on the decisions made. 

Discover Your Story

 Engaging training that is fun and customizable to capture your business goals. Let the power of story transform your training programs.